Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

I really should start this earlier in the evening... *yawn*

The other day I was looking for some illustrated children's books I had kept from when my daughter was little. Can't find them, they must be in a box in my mess of a basement. What I did come across was a Mad magazine special edition book of The Best of Mad's Don Martin that my daughter rescued from a box of my childhood books. I used to LOVE those drawings. Still do. I love the style, the crazy people with the long faces. I drew them quite a bit as a kids, was quite good a copying them. In high school I did a caricature, in the Don Martin style, of a fellow I dated. He was a handsome young man with dark curly hair, long eyelashes and was missing a front tooth that didn't seem to diminish his big, bright smile. He was a great subject for a caricature. So today's drawing pays homage to that time in my life when I would endlessly draw from those books.

Tomorrow I am back to the office and another thrilling day of linking/working that interactive PDF.  FUN!  not...

Happy Drawing!

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