Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14

And it's back to the coffee shop theme. THIS is where I prefer to buy my coffee. Fair trade, organic and so fresh. Black gold...

After meeting a couple of friends at a ceramics show I went to my favourite coffee shop. I have to confess, I stopped in at Starbucks first - they have the better social buzz but it was packed. So I opted for the quieter place and it probably suited my mood a bit better. This is the view from the back corner facing the expresso machine. I had the corner to myself but had to listen to one of the staff who clearly knows everything about everything. Yikes. Had to plug into my iPod to shut him out.

It's been a cranky weekend - can you tell?!? Definitely out of sorts and trying to figure it out.

Wow, two weeks done, haven't missed a day yet, even if I didn't get the blogging done that day. I did take some photos when I was out and about yesterday so maybe I will use some as inspiration for the days to come. One thing I did notice was all the REALLY small houses that dot the country side. I'm so used to seeing huge house all tucked up tight together. I am a fan of the small house so it was refreshing to see them all.

Happy Day 14,

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